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Hello friends,

Holiday time approaches and, with this, the booking of trips to distant places (or not) is usual at this time. The virus problem may be a disadvantage at this point, but sooner or later we’ll go back to trips to places we’ve always wanted to discover.

And for a photographer the adrenaline of knowing new places is always greater because the senses are more dispressed for what our eyes see.

If, on the one hand, the sense of discovery is great for our photographic creativity, the temptation to ‘shoot’ for ‘everything that moves’ is also great and leads us to disperse attention and care in choosing the subjects to photograph.

To avoid this dispersion, I will give you some tips that can be useful when you take travel photography, and so you can bring home some photos that will be proud of.

– Before traveling it is advisable to do a search about the place we will go. Understand what we’ll find and, if possible, see some locations photos to start building some photographic ideas.

– If the location is too attractive to shoot, try to restrict yourself to 2 or 3 themes and focus on building a ‘good’ story with these themes. This does not imply that you cannot photograph other things that will draw your attention, but do not disperse, and explore the selected themes well.

– Is better to spend more time photographing the chosen subject(s) than ‘wasting’ time on many subjects.

– This last point is important because, as we all know, not always what our eyes embrace is what we want to show in the photos. Only with time can we visualize the framing of the photo separating it from the whole environment.

– When we visit very popular places, full of tourists, sometimes it is very difficult to photograph what we want without the presence of strangers in the photos. It doesn’t mean we have to shoot without framing anyone, but the excessive presence of people can ‘overshadow’ the main subject of the photo. The way we frame the issues must be well thought out, choosing what we want to include, even sacrificing a better perspective, so that we can exclude what we are not interested.

– One temptation we all have is to make ‘that’ postcard photo that we’ve seen a thousand times. I have nothing against these kinds of photos because I also do them, but we should not leave after the shot. We should make more photos of the subject looking for different angles, try to shoot horizontally but also vertically, a photo of detail or abstract type, anything that is different from the usual and, for sure, we will make a photo that will please you because it is different from the postcard we made at the beginning.  

I could give many more tips, but the subject of travel photography is not exhausted in a post and, of course, we will return to it in the future.

Just to illustrate what I just said, I include a video about a monumental work by Gaudi – The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – that I had the opportunity to visit last year. 

Although Barcelona has a thousand themes to photograph, the Sagrada Familia was one of the themes I chose in advance to dedicate my time photographically.

 I hope you enjoy it, and that the post will be useful for your upcoming trips.

Kisses and hugs.

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