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Hello friends,

Liking photography involves many facets. Obviously, one of the main ones is to do photography, but it’s also to see photography, and to learn with the photography of other photographers. It only enriches our Photographic culture .

The facet of seeing and learning from other photographers, goes through see a lot of photography of different photographers, with varied approaches, through of books or photographic exhibitions, the latter where we have a chance to see photographs printed in larger dimensions, which gives them a better highlight compared with others visualizations.

This introduction is about a photographic exhibition i saw recently in the CCB, and that I advise everyone to visit, because it will be in exhibition until 21/06/2020. I refer to the exhibition Deeper Shades Lisbon and Other Cities by austrian photographer Andres H. Bitesnich.

Being a photographer specializing in nude portraits, in this exhibition brings us a different facet of your photography, Street Photography where it offers us a very personal view of various cities who visited, being Lisbon one of the last that deserved his attention.

As the room sheet refers, Andreas’s photograph is not intended to represent the real, or to be circumstantial or contemplative, is rather a work of clipping small pieces of the city, and its inhabitants, reinterpreting them through predominantly monochrome, high contrast, and very dense in its pictorial form.

For me, i like black and white photography (B/W), i like street photography, and I like to photograph Lisbon, there was an interest added to seeing how another photographer with similar tastes, photographed the cities, in particular Lisbon. How did he interpret the scenes, how he compose them, what ‘feeling’ their photos provoke us.

Without stretching me on the pictures of other cities, which incidentally follow the same pattern of Lisbon photos, I can tell you that I really liked the exhibition, especially the Lisbon photos, perhaps because they are the ones that are in more number, but also by identifying me more with the location.

And why did I like it? Because I had the opportunity to see a different approach to what I usually take, even though we’re talking about B/W photos, and Lisbon.   

The motifs photographed, some of which were very similar to those I have photographed, however, are concerned with having a framing, a light, a ‘feeling’ that blends very well with the type of editing chosen, a contrasted, grain-grained B/W in the style of the famous ‘noir’ films of the old cinema.

The search for shooting early in the morning, with deserted streets, or the artificial light from lamps, cars and storefronts, enhances the gloomy but appealing environment of your photos.

Balancing street photos and street portraits also is present in the exhibition, because the city are not only streets with buildings and monuments, are also the people who inhabit them, but always depicted within of the same gloomy pattern, without being sad or cold.

I liked it because I could see ‘my locations’ with other eyes and it move our creative vein, reminds us that the same place, the the same motifs, can always be photographed differently, and be in the same interesting photos.

Just to open your appetite, I leave you here some of the exhibition photos, which I registered with my phone, which is a great tool for saving ‘photo sketches’ for later consult. 

My friends, as soon as the corona virus crisis allows, I advise those who like photography to visit this exhibition and discover another look at the cities, especially of Lisbon.

I hope you enjoy the suggestion, and until the next post.

Kisses and hugs.

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