Tours vs Workshops

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Hello friends,

Today I’ll write you about a theme, in fact two because they are different, that many photographers confuse, even some professionals. I’m referring to Photo Tours versus Photo Workshops.   

I think it’s important for people who like photography, and see in the social media Photo Tours and Photo Workshops offerings, distinguish what is expectable in each one, to doesn’t create false expectations, since it is common register for a Tour and wait for a Workshop. A reason for that is there are many Tours offered incorrectly labeled as Workshops.   

A Workshop is an educational experience to help improve technical and creative knowledge. Usually a Workshop is designed to teach photographic techniques, outside or in a studio, or teaching post-production techniques.

A photographic tour is designed to take you to special places, preferably at the best time of the day, and the year, trying to maximize photographic opportunities with minimal instruction from the guide Tour.

The best way to avoid being disappointed is to be honest with yourself about what are your real goals when you choose each one of these offerings.

When you should choose a Workshop and when to choose a Tour?


If the main intention is to develop the photographic technique, focus on something specific, such as composition, use of filters, lighting, flash, macro, people, post-production, etc., then a Photo Workshop is the right choice.

It is advisable that a Workshop should have a small number of 5 or 6 people, if it’s with only one instructor, or up to 10 people if they’re two instructors. This caution will allow the instructor to devote time to all participants, showing the techniques, and answer individual doubts of each participant.

It is not critical that the Workshop be in a stunning place, because the intent is to take advantage of some place features to potentiate the teaching of the techniques, which does not mean that it can not be a visually appealing place to take advantage of the photos for the participants personal portfolio.  

During the Workshop, the instructor’s main concerns is to teach and not photograph for himself, even if he can do so, to illustrate the teachings.


If the participant’s main intention is to meet new places, people, environments, etc., potentiated by the knowledge that the guide has from those locations, and enrich their portfolio, then the Photo Tours is the right choice.

Obviously it is not impetive that, during the tour, the guide aso be able to pass on technical and creative knowledge to improve the participants photos. In fact it’s a current practice to happen, however we must take into account that this is not the main Tour goal. The objective is to explore new places and, therefore, photograph.

It is also common practice that the guide itself also makes the their own photos, taking advantage of the atmospheric conditions of the moment, because every day is always different in terms of light, colors, environment, etc.

A tour may have more participants than a Workshop, 10 participants per guide it’s a good number, but it’s also important not have a big group because, besides creating dispersion if the group has to move between places, the technical/photographic support component becomes more difficult to do.

However, there are some common elements when we participate in a Workshop or a Tour, one of the most important is the interaction among participants. This interaction will potentiate the exchange of knowledge, experiencies, creating new ideas for photo projects, establishing new friendships, at the bottom potentiate the fun that’s the key point of these events.

And for now, my friends, That’s all. I promise to go back to this topic in the near future because it is my intention to develop these themes, promoting Photo Tours and Workshops. Nothing too complicated to non one feels embarrassed to participate, and can enjoy the advantages above described.

If you think you’re interested in participating in these events I’m thinking organize, leave a comment, or send me a mail, to know your interest. The more of you express interest, faster I’ll go with the idea.         

Until the next post.

Kisses and hugs.

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