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Hello friends,

Following some photography lessons I’m giving, where I address this topic, today I come to you about the theme: Photographic Project.

What about a photographic project?

A photographic project is no more than telling a story through a set of photos. The story can be as simple as photographing an event, illustrating life in our neighbourhood, illustrating the visit to a place we like, choosing a color and making a set of photos in which this color is always present, etc. Etc.

Of course, a photographic project can be much more than the examples above. We have examples of large-scale photographic projects, such as Sebastião Salgado’s projects that take years, require financial availability, and force a deep and continued dedication, or projects that intend to have a Social intervention, drawing attention to major causes, as are examples of numerous award-winning projects in the World Press Photo (WPP) competition.  

Please note that these latest projects are not exclusive to great photographers, any of us can do them. I remember a Portuguese photojournalist who, some years ago, practically had to sell his photographic equipment due to the scarce financial resources he had, and he held a photographic project in Africa that came to be awarded at WPP and relaunched the his career.

The main advantages of launching a photographic project, have it the size it has, is an increase of motivation in the act of photographing and the sense of accomplishment that can bring us.

Motivation comes from stimulating our creativity because we are creating something with a concrete goal instead of simply making random photos. The sense of achievement is born from the fact that we are telling a story that obliges us to refine our gaze in the search for the most expressive elements for the narration.

Another of the advantages of choosing a photographic project is to ascertain the technique and our critical sense. We investigate the technique because we want the project to have varied photos in aesthetic terms, that is, from more comprehensive photos to detail photos. As for the critical sense, because we can make hundreds or thousands of photos that respond to the theme but obviously we will not use them all, and so we will have to select those most representative photos to show the project in an impactful way.

The inspiration to create a project can come from anywhere, just be watch what surrounds us. However, we cannot fail to highlight the visualization of photographic projects online. And we should not be inhibitory in ‘copying’ these projects since they should serve us inspiration for a theme and not necessarily to do the same type of photos. Each photographer has his/her own view of the matter soon, when making the photos, they will certainly be different from those we saw in the projects that inspired us.

The photos that illustrate this post are part of a project that I have developed, and I have already spoken here. It is called In the Wave of Surf, and illustrates the entire environment, colourful and protagonists who practice surfing in Carcavelos. Instead the obvious of photographing the practice of surfing, the project retracts its surroundings.

I hope you enjoy it and motivate you to, next time you take the machine, have a photographic project in mind.

That’s all For today.

Kisses and hugs.

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