Best of 2018

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Hello friends,

Another year gone by, once again it’s time review the 2018 work and chose the best of 2018.

As always, the choice of the 50 Best of 2018 is difficult and subjective, since a choice of photos also has to do with the our state of mind at the choice time, associated with feeling that certain works have been made.

Although 2018 has provided a chance to make some travel photography like the previous year, always interesting, I took advantage these trips to do something different, focus on photographic projects. What do I mean by that? That I tried to stick to a theme and explore this theme in the photos I made.

It happened with the photos taken in the snow, where I looked for the minimalism and graphism as a form of inspiration. Also the visit to the center of country allowed me to focus on the scars left in nature by fires of 2017 and the nature response one year later, a rebirth of nature.

Many of these photos have already be seen in previous posts that illustrated exactly the projects described above.  

As always, I couldn’t avoid to include some Street photos, an ever-present passion, and also two examples of studio photography which is always a challenge that I will try to explore more at 2019.

I hope you enjoy this selection of 50 photos and one more time, I propose an exercise of analysis and you tell me which are your favorite.

I’ll wait:)       

Kisses and hugs.

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