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Hello friends,

Today I return to a theme that I often do, the photographic project.

Today’s project, which I called Salinas, was held in the salt flats near Castro Marim in the Algarve.

Like all photographic projects, they can be long in time, with a lot of research and preparation work, or they can be born in a natural, almost spontaneous way, and carried out in a short time.

This Salinas project was the last case. He was born spontaneously, since I was going to pass the road, with a late afternoon sunlight, and the presence of workers in the salt pans aroused my attention to make a photograph.

Hence starting to look at the surroundings, the details, the incidence of light, etc., the think of telling a story of those salt pans, at the end of the afternoon, was an instant.

There is no need to think of anything very elaborate, just let ourselves be captivate by the ‘paintings’ that we have ahead, and our creativity does the rest.

One thing I can tell you, having made this little project gave me much more enjoyment than if I had done 2 or 3 photos without a set idea, which would possibly end up at the bottom of the hard drive with little chance of seeing daylight.

Next time you stop to make a photo and the place has chance for a small project, try it !. You’ll see that you’re going to feel a special pleasure at the end of work.

I hope you enjoy

Kisses and hugs.

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