Creative Street Photography

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Hello friends,

Today I return to a theme that I really like, street photography, and I will share some tips to be more creative when we do street photography.

1-Observation and focus.

Photographer Elliott Erwitt said: “For me, photography is the art of observation. It’s about finding something special in a ordinary place. ”

In other words, the way we look at and focus on the issues we want to register is different from the way we observe the day-to-day when we are not photographing.

It is not easy and requires a level of concentration in the details, in the light, in the composition, etc., namely in the details.

2-Be curious

Shooting is to be curious, it makes us go back to the time of child where questioned everything. It is not to give the little things as acquaintances and to question them always with a different look. We always find something new.

3-look with a different perspective.

We are accustomed to looking at the world that surrounds us always in the same way, in a perspective of observation between 5 feet and 2 m from the ground. If we stop a little and think that a particular monument, place, character, etc., if viewed from a different angle than usual, will have a new dimension.

Try shooting a monument from a position by the ground and you will see the grandeur it acquires. Or photograph a set of passers-by from a high point and see how they turn into little beings, what ants on a path.

4-Choose a ‘ stage ‘ and wait

We sometimes associate street photography with great walks around the city looking for that decisive moment. You don’t always need these marathons.

Sometimes we can find an interpersonal site, a “stage”, where we think it gave an excellent photo, missing only the right character to do the composition. Then what we have to do is find the right place to build the composition and wait. Later on the sooner will pass the missing character to do the picture we imagined. And with an advantage, if we don’t like the first one, we can always wait for a new opportunity for photography.

5-Do not need to shoot too much!

This tip, looking contradictory with what we usually suggest, photograph a lot to learn, turns out not to be and explain why.

When we are in a location and we photograph the same place, hoping that in the burst of photos will be good, we end up becoming ‘ lazy ‘ and we do not look for the best combination of light, position, etc. that gives us the best picture.

Taking the first hint of this post, learn to observe every ray of light, movement, color, shape, etc. Let us be selective in choosing, concentrate and train our look at what we really like, and then we do the photo. We will definitely get better pictures and also very important, fewer photos to choose and throw away, saving us time in editing.

And that’s it for today. I hope these tips are useful and do not forget, photograph and enjoy.

Kisses and hugs.

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