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Hello friends,

On a trip I recently made to the Algarve, I had the opportunity to make a jump to the Fortress of Sagres where I made some pictures, as I could not stop.

Despite having made some indispensable postal type photos, I tried in the short time that I was there to take a different look and look for angles, compositions, geometric lines, that challenged me to show the place with a new look, less immediacy.

This type of exercise is very useful for our creative vein because it forces us to look at the landscape in a different way, study the site, and look for compositions that are not right there in sight.

The photos I bring you today are the result of this exercise.

As I mentioned above, my stay in the fortress was relatively brief, which for this kind of approach, does not help much because we are looking for something that does not jump out in the first sight. Suffice it to say that the time span between the first and last photo registration of this set was about 20 (!!) minutes.

Just look at the set of photos presented, and others recorded at the same time to, later, realize that much more could have been done but, as we often do not have the ideal conditions to do the work we propose, we need to adapt to the circumstances.

The conclusion we can take from this exercise is that we should never stop trying what we photographically imagine only because conditions, time, material, etc. are not ideals. We know that sometimes the end result does not satisfy us but sometimes we have good surprises.

If this exercise is one of those cases, I’ll leave it to you.

Kisses and hugs.


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