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Hello friends,

I had the opportunity to do a studio photography session recently that inspired me to write these lines, first because it’s a type of photography that gives me a special enjoyment, and second to tell you about the experience.

Studio photography, especially when it is made using studio lights, also designated by strobes, is a discipline that allows us to work the essence of photography, I mean the light.

The domain of light is something that becomes addictive in the perspective that we can ‘draw’ multiple combinations of it, and thus create environments that, with the model pose, allows us to create and transmit feelings through the photos.

There are multiple types of light, and lighting forms, such as the classic Hollywood light, used in the pictures of Hollywood artists in the years of 40, 50 and 60; the kind of strong and hard light used in advertising and fashion photos, the side light that illuminates part of the face leaving the other practically in the dark, much used in film posters; the Rembrandt light that seeks to recreate the kind of light that this famous painter painted in his portraits; or even a low-key illumination that allows creating a dark environment that transmit a feeling of loneliness or sadness.

As you can see, the light control is an art that allows us to create ‘stories’ where the argument is drawn by the positioning of light, and the reason is the staging of our model.

The session I did with Claudia gave us the possibility of ‘building’ some stories using the light and also, it is fair to say it, the Claudia naturallity and creativity she has in a natural way.

It is not necessary to be a professional model to create great photos, as is shown by the Claudia photos that illustrates this post. It’s important the model be relaxed and take everything from the session, having fun, spread her imagination, feel natural and confident, because all this helps to shape their expression.

In the case of Claudia wasn’t necessary to give guidelines for the poses, however, if the model does not feel so comfortable to pose, it is incumbent on us, photographers, guide the model in order to remove all the pressure of facing the camera and, in this way, photograph what the best model has to offer. Those who have no experience of being a model may think that it is not possible but, as a general rule, pretty much everyone ends up being pleased with the final result.

I now throw the challenge to those who read me, do you want to try a studio photo session and discover the model you have within you? I’m sure you’ll be surprised. If you want, talk to me and we’ll start this adventure!

Kisses and hugs.




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