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Hello friends,

With the arrival of a new year, we renew the desires, aspirations, dreams, ultimately all that we want good for ourselves, and all that are dear to us. For all the votes of a happy year of 2018, with great health, and the realization of your desires.

And with the new Year, once again, we do the balance of the year that ended, particularly with the analysis of what I did best in photographic terms. So here is my Best of 2017, where I chose my 50 favorite photos.

Some of them will be already known to you because I shared them last year, but it is interesting to include them because it allows me to show my preferences.

As always the choice is subjective because, at every moment, there are pictures that we like more and others less, yet this choice always has the virtue of looking retrospectively at what we did last year, where we focused more, and take lessons for this year.

Also, as always, the choice is difficult. Choose 50 photos of about more than 4800 photos (after selecting the best ones) is not easy, not so much for the choice of the ones we like more but, above all, leave out others that we also like. Why 50? They could be more, they could be less, but we have to establish a goal and then choose the things we think are distinguished.

In the analysis of last year’s photos, I can draw some conclusions. First the pictures I made on the trips I took (Rome, Azores, Picos de Europa) are of the most captivating. It’s easy to see why, the unknown, or the relative unknown, sharpens our creativity. Secondly, street photography continues to be one of my favorite themes, especially the photos of simple people.

This conclusion leads me to think that, by not failing to delve into these themes, other themes must be worked to further stimulate creativity. We’ll see what brings us to the year 2018.

I hope you enjoy this selection and once again I challenge you to exercise your critical analysis and, if you like, these 50 photos, tell me which or what your favorites are.

I’ll be waiting:)

Kisses and hugs.

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