Happy Christmas

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(with sound)

Hello friends,

The Christmas season is coming and I do not intend today stretch out much of the millions of photographic themes that go through my mind to write here on my blog.

Now is more time to relax (for those who have already dispatched the stress of buy gifts), enjoy the company of the family, enjoy the Christmas food and, if you can, see and enjoy beautiful things, in which I include the photography.

If you haven’t yet bought all the gifts and are lacking of inspiration, I suggest a photobook. There are magnificent photobooks for sale, of great photograph authors, worth discovering.

I leave you a small contribution to see and appreciate something beautiful and inspiring, some photos that I did this year in the Vatican, capital of Christianity, and it seems appropriate for this time of year.

I hope you like it. I wish you all a holy Christmas and a new year full of health, joy, and some money to spend 🙂

Kisses and hugs.

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