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Hello friends,

The choice of one of my photos as a finalist in the recent Reflex photography contest 2017, organised by the magazine ‘Cais’  under the theme ‘Life in one face’, gave me the motto for this post.

And why is that? Because the theme of the contest is a theme that I particularly like, the portrait. I like the various variants of tportrait, but I particularly like the portrait without being staged, especially when registered in a spontaneous manner.

Following a bit of the Roman thinker Cicero who said ‘The face is the mirror of the soul’, my goal in the spontaneous portrait is to go further than the simple face. It’s retracting the feeling that the moment put in an unknown face. May be momentary, can be profound, can be relaxed, may be sad or cheerful, it can be all, but it is certainly more than the outer image of the face, it is a bit of the state of the soul that’s crystallizes in an image.

Not always get that goal, sometimes because I can’t do it, others because there are faces that are almost impenetrable, but the constant pursuit of the soul hidden behind the face is the true adrenaline of portrait.

In this post I share some photos that I have made over the years with the aim of registering beyond the face. And it’s so good when the portrayals are ‘open’ for the photography, which oddly enough happens more easily with simple people, and it gets easier to look for what’s behind it.

The first three photos are the ones I sent to the contest (being the first to be chosen as a finalist). The others complement and illustrate what I describe above. I hope you like it.

Kisses and hugs.

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