The story of a photo

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Hello friends,

Today I will return to a theme that I have already addressed earlier, I refer to the story of one of my most significant photos.

The photo that illustrates this post was made in Estoril, next to the Poça beach, and will have 10 years next January that I made it.

The photo brings together some of the elements I particularly like, namely: coastal landscape and the human element, in this case, traditional fishermen that fish throughout the Estoril coastline. There was a time that I devoted myself to photographing this activity and that allow me beautiful images for the conjugation of the aforementioned elements.

Why do I find this photo interesting?

First of the aforementioned, the connection of man and nature. Secondly, by the moment recorded, the dark clouds weather with the sun’s glimmer to increase the drama of the atmosphere at the end of the day. Finally, the framing of the two fishermen, flanking the sunset, seems to be making a tribute guard to the natural scenery.

It was a moment that needed patience and luck to get the conjugation of all the elements, but this is landscape photography, where the elements of nature have the word and we, photographers, need to wait for these elements.

A word for the photo technical aspect. It was registered with my first digital DSLR machine, a Nikon D50. It was a very reputable machine at the time of its launch, with ‘only’ 6,1M pixels (much less than many current mobile phones), but that allowed excellent photographic records. This shows we don’t need big machines to make big pictures.

And to prove what I just said, I would only add that I sent this photo to Digital Photography Contest People of Cascais, organized by CMC in 2009, and was ranked 3rd.

I am thinking of promoting a workshop of initiation to photography where I intend to share some of the knowledge that allowed me to do this and other photos that you already know. If you find this idea interesting, let me know your opinion in the comments below. Thank you.

And it’s all for today. I hope you like it.

Kisses and hugs.

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