Picos de Europa -3

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Hello friends.

Today I’m going to finish our trip through the Picos de Europa giving some interesting points of the eastern part of the Natural Park.

For those who want to visit this area of the Park, I recommend to stay in the town of Potes. It’s a very little village turned to tourism where, apart from your typical architecture of mountain town, is also famous for being a place where you eat well, especially the meats and the stew typical of the region. Wonderful!

Leaving Potes in the morning, I recommend to visit Fuente Dé that is at approximately 23 Km. Here the Ex-Libris is the cable car that traverses a slope of 753 m, and brings us to the top located at 1823 m altitude.

The trip on the cable car is a treat for the capture of images. The only problem is the colour of cabins windows that causes a blue tinge in photos, something that can be corrected later in a programof edition.

At the top, the choice of photographic compositions is huge. The most evident are the panoramic photos of multiple views that we have an opportunity to register. But not only, We can do detailed photos of the huge cliffs we see right in front of us, we can photograph any wildlife that exists out there (goats, sheeps, birds, etc).

It wasn’t my case but I believe that those who can reach the top early in the morning you should be able to shoot the spikes tearing the clouds and the early morning mist.

From the  cable car point of arrival start a set of trail tracks, for lovers of hiking, that are the delight of hikers. As some of these tracks are between cliffs that soar, sometimes it is also possible to see and photograph (it should be with a zoom lens) climbers do climb on the slopes. Creepy!!

On the road back to Potes we can visit several villages of very rustic architecture, always framed by the mountain. it’s interesting photograph that urban relationship with the mountain.

Also on the same road, with a little detour, we can visit the Monastery St. Toribio Liebana and, 1 Km from the monastery, we have the Hermitage of San Miguel. Once again the mix of this architecture with the nature must be exploited photographically, if possible at sunset.

The second suggestion I want to leave, from Potes, is the visit to Puerto de San Glorio and the viewpoint Collado del Llesbo. There are approximately 28 Km on a road always rise and filled with tight turns. Typical mountain road.

Along the way we have a chance to see and photograph deep valleys with small villages ‘stuck’ between the mountains. If we’re in the middle of the afternoon, when the Sun’s light side, we have to be careful with the photos exposure because the difference between light and shadow areas is great and can create some difficulty in the correct exposure.

Prepare to, when turn a tight curve, see in front of you a cow walking calmly on the road and without the slightest intention to deviate. If it appens, parking and pull over the car, grab the machine and take a few pictures with respect by the cow to avoid it doesn’t get mad.

Finally, reaching the highest point in San Giorgio, turning to the Collado del Llesbo viewpoint, walk a few kilometers and enjoy the views.  If you can go to the end of the day, before the sun goes down, the light is good for beautiful pictures. My recommendation is don’t stay only  in the car parking, take awalk to surrounding elevations, and take those photos for later recall.

I think these last three posts must already have served to open your appetite for grab your machine and go discover the wonderful Picos de Europa landscapes. I haven’t had a chance to know this area at the time of the winter/spring, with snow (in wallet) but, for sure, should deliver spectacular photos playing with the effects and the soft spots of snow upon the dark stone.

Before I conclude, I want to make a conspiracy. I tuse this trip to start a new experience that it starts to be common to landscape photographers, the videography. With the use of so-called Action Cameras, opens up a whole new world, complementary to photography, to develop our artistic vein. I hope soon show you some results of this experience.

Once again this post photos illustrate the locations described above, hope you like it.

Kisses and hugs.

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