Picos de Europa -2

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Hello friends.

Today, as promised, I am continuing our trip by the Picos da Europa making references to some more interesting places to shoot.

In the previous post went through the West side of the Natural Park, so today we’re going to do the route from West to East through one of the most beautiful roads and photogenic. I mean the AS114 road that connects Cangas de Oñis to Panes.

The AS-114 road was built along a valley where flows the river Casaño and is always accompanied, on one side and another, the slopes of the mountains. Traveling in the morning, on a sunny day, allows light from the Sun highlight the contours and the recesses of the slopes, allowing you to shoot the mountains with a light that appears in 3D.

Also very interesting for those who have time, stop at one of several road bridges that go across the river, and make some long exposure pictures of the river (don’t forget the tripod!).

About 30 Km from Cangas de Oñis, it’s worth making a detour to the location of the  Asiego Pedro Udaondo Viewpoint . This spot has a magnificent view to the various Peaks of this Natural Park. With a little luck, we can shoot the spikes tearing the clouds which, in a panoramic photo, gives us a fabulous image of greatness and beauty of this place.

Returning again to the road AS114, a little further on, we find Naranjo de Bulnes viewpoint where it is possible to photograph,at far, one of the most famous and highest peaks of Picos de Europa, Urriellu Peak, or Naranjo de Bulnes. Normally covered with clouds in overcast days, you need to have some patience to photograph it when ripping the clouds but, with patience and a good zoom lens, you can make good photos.

Arrived to Las Arenas, turn to Poncebos Bridge. We travel throught a tight road between mountains cliffs. Although difficult, it is worth to stop the car on the side and try to shoot the road snaking in the greatness of these landscapes.

In Poncebos Bridge, it’s worth making a few kilometres by a tight and uneven road until the locality of Camarmeña. This road is a dead end but deserves to go to the top where we can see great views of the surrounding valleys and, once again, Urriellu Peak. Here we can make a few panoramic photos, as well as photographing the contrast between the high peaks and deep valleys.


Return the Poncebos Bridge, parked the car and take Funicular de Bulnes which leads to the village of the same name. This funicular runs through a tunnel inside the mountain of more than 2 Km and has a slope of more than 400 metres. In the upper funicular station, we walk a land path to the village of Bulnes. The interesting and characteristic of this village is no access by road, being the goods delivered by cable car.

It is worth to spend a few hours in Bulnes, where being able to eat a meal in the bars there, and do some photos where we play with the positioning of the houses in the valley where is Bulnes was built, between the mountains-crusted, as well as the watercourse that crosses it. From leaving some paths, good for hikers, that allow us to have multiple angles for pictures inside the mountain.

Returning again to the road AS-114, and continuing our route towards the East to Panes, here we turn to Potes by the road N-621. More or less in the middle of the road between Panes and Potes, we turn to the Church Sta Maria Lebeña, near the locality of Lebeña.

Here, in addition to the photos of the Church itself, it is interesting to note the relationship of the Church with the mountain and, if it is already evening, the effect of sunlight on the surrounding mountains.

Once again, my recommendation is to ‘spend’ some time at each point you visit because we can’t ‘see’ the big photo we want as soon as we arrived, wee have to look for it. You might visit less places and appreciate what we saw, than running kilometres and pass by the places where can lost good opportunities to shoot.

And for today I stop here. In the next post finished this trip through the Picos de Europa. The photos illustrating this post were all made in the areas referred above, and serves to give an idea of what you can do.

Kisses and hugs.

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