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Hello friends.

After a few weeks out, today the subject is the recent trip I did to Picos de Europa-Spain, giving some suggestions of the most interesting places to shoot.

Not to become too boring to read, will share the story by more than one post.

As many may know, the Picos de Europa is located in the North of Spain, in the province of Asturias (but not only) and deserves a presence at the scene of at least 3 days.

We started the tour on the west side of the Natural Park, and the most advisable place for stay at night, by your location, is Cangas de Onís.

The visit began by location de Covadonga where can be admired the Sanctuary and the Basilica of the same name.

The Sanctuary is situated in the interior of a cave, in a high point of the road that leads to the Basilica, and with a magnificent waterfall under the cave. concerning phtographic point of view, in addition to the Santuary photographic details, and the tunnel which gives access, is very interesting shooting from the area of the waterfall, particularly if you take a tripod and can do a long exposure photo. Across the road there is also an interesting park to photograph.

Also in the same place, there is the Basilica of Covadonga which allows you to make interesting photos, not only in the Basilica interior, but in the connection of Basilica architecture with the mountains that surround it. Also interesting is photographing the Basilica from the cave where the Santuary is located.

Another interesting point on the west side of the Park are the Lakes of Covadonga, the Enol Lake and La Ercina Lake. It should be noted that these lakes are about 12 Kms from the town of Covadonga and, in times of greatest tourist influx (summer and holiday zones) the authorities tend to close the access road between the 8:30 H and 20:00 H where the only access is done by bus.

But we, potographers, don’t like to be limited in our creative vein, and I made a turn around the situation and get up very early to get on the road before it’s  cut, and thus able me to move freely. Local authorities allow us to do it.

And I’m glad I did. In addition to the light in the early morning hours to be the most recommended, although on this day we catch a lot of clouds, the freedom to stop where we want in these 12 Kms was well worth it.

Started by stopping a few kilometres down the road where we were able to photograph the Valley of Covadonga, with the Basilica and the surrounding mountains, where the morning clouds are lower than our point of observation. Show!

Then we stopped in another viewpoint where you can, with any luck, shooting birds of prey (buzzards and others).  In the morning, around 8:00 H they fly and they roost in this location because the Park Rangers usually take them food first thing in the morning.

For those who love nature photography, especially of birds, a place not to be missed. Here I suggest the use of a telephoto type lens (200 mm or more) to be able to photograph these beautiful animals with more detail, and also serves to train his hand to make photos of them in flight. Requires some practice, for the photo not to be blurry, and attention because they appear behind the mountains in quiet flights that, if we are not vigilant, doesn’t even see them in time for the shoot.

Needless to say that over these 12 Kms there are many points where you can make beautiful panoramic photos of the peaks, and  Irecommend the registration of several photos, vertically, then glue and so create a beautiful panoramic view. If anyone wants more technical details how to do it, just say, I explain.

Finally we come to the Lakes area. Here relies heavily on the state of the time, more or less foggy, to set the photo style that you can do. However, since the existing light and the clouds allow a minimum visibility to capture the surrounding mountains of the Lakes, there are two types of pictures, it’s worth a try.

The first are the reflections on the Lakes, something that gives a different view than a simple photo of the place. The second, as I said back, is the realization of panoramic views, because they show better the grandeur of landscape.

If time permits, i.e. If the Sun get from time to time tearing the clouds and create light and shade areas in the mountains, with patience and watchful eye, we can make photos of beautiful effect of mountains and lakes with these variations of light.

An interesting point to photograph is the high point which is situated between the two lakes, where do you get a magnificent view of them, and can make pictures of general views, panoramas and, with a telephoto lens, details of the nature that surrounds us.

Some elements always present in these parts, and that enables you to make pictures in context, are the cows roaming free in the mountains. But attention (!), in the eagerness of the photograph, always have in mind where you put your feet because we have many chances of stepping on a magnificent ‘gift’ that these are keen to spread everywhere  🙂

And today I stop here on this trip. The photos illustrating this post were all made in this area and serves to give an idea of what you can do.

Stay tune for the next chapters, with new photos, and if you want, leave your comments.

Kisses and hugs.

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