What is the best machine

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Hello friends.

Today I will share my opinion on an issue that many photographers, and not photographers, often do, which is:What is the best camera to make those spectacular photos?

At a time when photographic equipment technology evolves rapidly, with the diversity of supply, compact digital cameras, ‘ mirorless ‘, reflex, medium format, mobile phones and even, why not, film cameras that increasingly come back in fashion, it is natural that a lot of people put this issue.

Nowadays almost all machines that are for sale exceed wide, in technological terms, the machines that existed for 10 or more years and, however, photographers always made great pictures from the early days of photography.

To illustrate what I mean, and without pretending to be pretentious, the photos that illustrate this post were made by me, all of them with different machines, at different times, with a difference of 13 years between the oldest and the most recent. However I consider them all good pictures, regardless of the machine used.

So what’s the answer to the question above? The answer may, at first sight, surprises you: We all have the best possible machine to get!!  And what is this machine? No more, no less than our VISION !

That’s that!  No matter how good is the machine we use, if we don’t use our vision, you can rest assured that we will never be able to do amazing photos. Now you will be thinking; This guy is stupid, without vision we can hardly shoot. However the vision I refer is not just our eyes. It’s much more than that.

Vision is to look and learn to interpret what we have ahead of us, feel the energy, or nostalgia, or beauty, or rawness, or whatever the scene gives us. Is seen beyond the obvious, is study the scene and find the best framing, the best light, the best composition. Is see with our feelings, our knowledge, even at our mood. Is a set of intangible sensations goes far beyond the simple look.

Obviously to some people is easier than others to use his vision, but I don’t think that it is not possible to refine the vision. We all have the ability to make great photos. Through the viewing of works of great photographers, figure out what kind of photos we are more identify, study them, identify how they were ‘ built ‘ those photos and, above all, shooting a lot ! In photo, the practical work is the ‘mother’ of art.

But now you may question. But the machine type doesn’t matter anything?? Yes, it do, but not for the reasons most people think. The type of machine can be important when we defined the type of pictures that we want to do, I mean street pictures, or sport pictures, or studio pictures, etc, or the level of technical knowledge we possess. The choice of machine can help us achieve the goals that we set ourselves but, if we do not develop our vision and we know what we want to do before shooting, I’m sure the machine alone will never make SUCH a photo.

Define the importance of the machine for different types of photography, is an interesting topic but that will be developed in a next opportunity. For now I suggest you photograph a lot but always with a critical attitude of your job to improve your vision.

I end with a quote from a great Canadian photographer, David duChemin, which illustrates very well what I said above: “Gear is good, but vision is better”.

Kisses and hugs.

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