Photographic Meetings

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Hello friends.

As a result of a photographic meeting I had the pleasure to be recently, today I will tell you my experience in participating in this kind of events.

First of all, I would like to thank the kind invitation of the MiratecArts-Cultural Association of Pico Island – Azores, and your mentor Terry Costa, made me to be present in the Photographic Meeting of Flores Island. Were 4 wonderful days.

But, what photographic meetings can bring us, photographers?

First of all, it’s an opportunity, for exchange experiences and knowledge between people who have a common interest – Photography. And the possibility of making new friends, or revise old friendships and, finally, meet new places/people who stimulate the creative vein.

Naturally these meetings also serve to photograph, obviously! And we try to do our best, but let me dispel if you expect to get that picture that will make a difference in your career. It can happen, but only by luck and I’ll explain why.

When doing photography,especially landscape photography, the hours at which we photograph, the preparation time, are virtually incompatible with the activities of a calendar meeting. The photograph of landscape is, at least to me, a solitary activity, contemplation and patience in waiting for that moment when the light, the shadows, the clouds, the Sun, etc, come together for the perfect shot.

Even when the focus is not landscape photography but urban and photography of people, have time to integrate in the urban environment is difficult conciliation with the timings of the meeting.

By this I mean that’s not worth going to meetings?  No, far from it. As I said earlier, the possibility of exchanging experiences, conviviality, and discovery of new spaces, is an experience of great value, and it is in this perspective that the meetings should be seen and even encouraged.

And, in the end, as all we do pictures of the same places but each with your particular vision, it’s fun to compare the vision of each one on the same subject and, sometimes, we say to ourselves: Man, how I didn’t see it that way? I’m a blind guy:)

I hope this post balize your expectations when you go to photographic meetings and, above all, encourage you to go, because the final balance is always very positive.

Kisses and hugs.

PS: The photos that illustrate this post were all taked at the Photographic Meeting of Flores Island-Azores, sponsored by MiratecArts. A big hug Terry 😉

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