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Hello friends.

Today I’m talking about a topic that I discussed earlier, I am referring to photo editing.

And, to start, I’ll try to clarify a recurring misunderstanding when it comes to image editing, or photo editing.

It is common to refer to photographic editing as the process of correction of photos via image processing software, being the best-known Photoshop or Lightroom from Adobe. In reality, and to be specific, the photo editing is the choice of images that we like and, consequently, the rejection of photos that do not conform to our selection criteria. To illustrate what I have just said, in a newspaper, for example, the image editor isn’t the person that correct the pictures, but the person who chooses what the images will be published.

And why for us, photographers, the image edit is so important?

Because in the selection process is when we should be the biggest critics of our work. It is at this stage that we have to decide which photos that meet the criteria, whatever they are, we decided to establish when we set out to photograph that photographic project. So, more important than choosing which is the good pictures, is choosing the bad photos to delete.

Reflect on the work and attempt to sort will be revealing to us. We can only grow creatively if we look at our bad photos as we look to our good and understand why they don’t work.

The good photos should surprise us less than the bad, because we all seek that one way or another, but the failed pictures have a surprise element which we must look closely and learn.

In short, photo editing is to choose, sort, and delete.

Kisses and hugs.

PS: the photos that illustrate this post are part of the project Empty, I introduced in the previous post and, of course, went through the whole process.

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