Postcards from Rome

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(with sound)

Hello friends,

Today I will not stretch much. As mentioned, the possibility of traveling to places where we’re not with regularity, opens us the photographic imagination and ‘strength-in’ shooting of a widely photographed locations differently and exposed.

It’s not always easy being original, since these locations have already been photographed by thousands of photographers, each with your personal look, but that doesn’t mean we should inhibit trying.

We must not be too ‘pressured’ for wanting to do that ‘photo’ that no one had remembered. Should, enjoy the beauty that we have in front of us and not fall into the temptation to fire at the first point of view, before choosing an angle, a composition, which we like and different from the classic postcard.

We already know that we will end up registering some ‘postcards’ but that’s not a crime. There are classic views that even much photographed, they’re always right in our portfolio and, in the end, don’t forget that above all photography is to give us pleasure and the complement of our ride soon, enjoy!

To illustrate what I just wrote, I leave you with some ‘Rome’ cards that I did recently, and they were photographed with the spirit that I described.

I hope you enjoy

Kisses and hugs.

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