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Hello friends,

After another absence greater than should happen, here I am with a theme that already is recurring in my posts. The sources of inspiration for our work, and the contribution that the works of great photographers, Portuguese and foreign, have in our creative process.

Any artist can’t grow creatively enclosed in a cocoon, our creativity cannot grow without a look at the most significant works of our peers, books, exhibitions and, increasingly, online.

Look for great photos however, is just one of the things that we should do. If we want to grow as a photographer, we need to look at what other photographers are doing across a spectrum of activities. Here I refer not only to itself, but also blogs, writings, interviews, etc. etc. Learn more about how the great photographers think, Act, prepare themselves, their interests, allows us to better interpret their work and creative process.

I have to admit that this practice may be controversial, and determine where the inspiration becomes imitation and imitation becomes plagiarism, can be quite tricky.

There are photographers who advocate what is called celibacy photography, never study the work of other photographers. I do not agree with this idea because our work, good or bad, always be compared with the others, because pretty much everything has already been photographed, and only our vision can create differentiation.

In short, it is worth remembering what Jean-Luc Godard said: it is not important where you get things, that’s where you take them.

Finally I want to give you the name of a Portuguese photographer: Rui Palha.

Notable as a Street Photographer, serves me inspiration for my own pictures, such as those that illustrate this post, recorded in Rome.

If you can, don’t forget to visit the website of Rui and enjoy your work:

I hope you enjoy.

Kisses and hugs.

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