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Hello friends,

Today I’m going to explore a subject that any photographer loves to explore that is to tell a story through a photograph.

It is not mandatory that all photos have to tell a story. Sometimes they just want to show you something beautiful, or ugly, convey a feeling, or illustrate a fact in and of itself.

What I mean is the telling of a story, as a writer writes a novel, a novel, an essay. Not exactly a picture of type photo-journalism, that you want to report a specific situation, it is more that picture makes us imagine a story behind what we see.

As a tale of fiction, where the writer joins a set of real elements to tell a fictionalized story, the picture gives us that creative freedom to imagine fictional stories from what we are photographing. It’s a creative exercise that makes us go beyond immediate concerns, particularly of light, composition, etc.

I recognize that sometimes to make these shots, we’re not right to do that story, however there is always something in that moment unconsciously attracts us to do and that something is often the one story that begins to build in our subconscious. And I tell you, the more we practice, the more stories we begin to see if we are receptive to them.

To illustrate what I mean, let me illustrate with two photos I have in my site, and I like a lot.

The first is displayed above, and it was made in Istanbul by the Blue Mosque.

The contrast between a men-only environment, in the area of the washing of the feet, and a woman dressed in a traditional way but, at the same time with a modern element (the cell phone), leads us to fictionalizing it what actually this whole scenario may mean. Will a change of the times? Will be a strict Muslim laws women’s challenge?  What does it mean that looking right at the camera? Statement? I’m afraid?

The second photo, above, was registered in an establishment within the Ribeira square.

There are three elements that allow us to build a story, the loneliness of the elderly, their posture of abstraction and the small table next to him. That tells us this scenario? Does the old man recalls Affairs, now that loneliness accompanies?  The figure in the painting is comfort for your loneliness?  The attitude of both (old man and figure in the picture) create a link between both longing for a relationship in the past?

That each build your story.

As you can see, a picture can be much more than presents at first sight and extract the photo anything she can give is always a joint work, the photographer and the Viewer.

I hope this short text you helped look for the picture, at a time when we are inundated by thousands of images every day and, if the photos above you arouse a story, tell me.

Kisses and hugs.

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