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Hello friends,

First of all I want to wish you all a happy new year 2017, with good health, personal and professional achievements and, if you like, a lot of pictures.

As we are at the beginning of a new year, and this time it is customary to make a balance of the year who finished, today I decided to share with you my Best of the year 2016 photo, where I picked my 50 favorite photos.

Are the best pictures I’ve done?  Probably not, but are the ones who, at this point, I liked most and reflect the themes that I photographed in 2016, with the focus on street photography, one of my favorite themes. The presentation is done in a more or less chronologically time and without concern to select any particular theme.

The selection of photographs (also known as photo editing, contrary to what many think, they attach the editing just to work in post-production) is always a personal choice. Choose 50 pictures in a universe of more than 4400 pictures, which I did in 2016 (these are the 4400 who stayed after a first choice at the time of your registration), is something that requires us to select, more than those to be include, decide those we left out. Hard. …

But the photographic editing exercise, especially in this year-end balance sheet, has some positive aspects. First obliges us to be even more critical about our work, then allows us to better visualize the ‘ best ‘ we did and realize if we evolved relative to the expectation that we had 12 months ago. Finally, help us to see what we want to do, improve, or change in our photographic journey in the year that now begins.

As I said, the photography edition has lot of personal and never consensual. I hope however you enjoy this selection and, if you want to experience a bit of the feel of what it’s choose, from these 50 photos exposed, tell me which are your Favorites.

I’d love to see your choices.

Kisses and hugs.

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