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Portrait-of-street _ 001

Hello friends,

As I mentioned earlier, the street photography is a permanent challenge in search of record that special moment, a beautiful combination of light and shadow, a face that calls us to attention. In short, a permanent use of our senses to a happy moment.

Among the various facets of street photography, the registration of unknown persons  is always an adventure because we always have two choices, or register them in a way unnoticed, or approach them to ask permission for the photograph.

Obviously the second option requires any photographer’s the ‘courage’ to approach a stranger and ask for the shooting, and many photographers are tempted to follow the path of photo unnoticed, often by the timidity of address who you don’t know.

The story of this photo has much to do with what I just wrote.

The picture was recorded in one of the most cosmopolitan streets of Toronto. I was going to walk down the street looking for something that was worth a picture, when I saw this man walking out of a bar on the other side of the sidewalk. For its peculiar figure I knew I had a good shot.

The first reaction was to make a unnoticed photo, however the subject realized my presence and gave me a look that I interpreted as displeasure if I photograph him. As I often do, I just didn’t shoot because hisface would demonstrate their displeasure and that would be recorded in the photo.

I continued my way and when I came down again the street I found him sitting in front of the bar. I thought it was worth risking and drove me to it saying I am Street Photographer and I thought he has a strong and personalized image that deserved to be photographed.

He hesitated but I think because of the compliment I made to his image, he accepted with a nod, putting himself in a pose befitting its image.

I ended up taking 2 or 3 photos and, when someone passing told him he looked like an artist, ‘break’ the pose and ended in a laugh as  we can see in the following photo.

Portrait-of-street _ 002

In summary, when it comes to photograph strangers on the street, it’s always worth to have the courage to approach them, respectfully and always agreeing with their will, because the percentage of success is high and the results rewarding.

I hope you enjoy.

Kisses and hugs.

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