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Hello friends,

After a great absence than predicted, I come today to tell you a new experience I had recently. I’m talking about the photography exhibition I had a chance to do in Toronto, last month.

This was not my first exposure, but each new exhibition brings always new experiences and this was no exception. First because it was the first I made out of Portugal, secondly because it was following a very special invitation from a community for whom I have always a great appreciation, I refer to Portuguese emigrant community, in this case, in Canada.

Following the 33rd edition of the Cultural week, organized by the Toronto House of Alentejo, their direction made me an invitation to expose my photographic works, being free to choose the theme. Obviously, my choice fell on a theme that was dear to this community, and have exposed a set of works under the theme Lands and People from Alentejo, based on photos taken in several visits I made to Alentejo along the years.

I want to highlight in the first place, that the strongest feeling I had with this exhibition was a sense of sharing. From me, I felt like I took a little bit of Portugal to who live and work away from their land, especially in the Alentejo. Everyone saw and recalled with longing and joy, for some a more distant years of absence, for others with less time of absence, but always with a taste for your/our land.

On the side of community I received an immense affection and appreciation by the presence of my work, which gave me an inner strength to continue shooting. As I mentioned, this sense of sharing is hard to put into words but has enormous wealth to me.


Then, all the opening exhibition ceremonial, entitled the speech, the Portuguese community media interviews, interest in the acquisition of some of the works on display, the contact with consular representatives, and local government, almost make me think (note that I said almost!) that I’m a local Sebastiao Salgado.


Of course I’m not a famous photographer, but I’m convinced, for the moments passed with the community, by the affection shown, I had a retribution in the level of any big photographer name.

Oh, and I even had the right to a visit from a very special Portuguese artist. 🙂


If you’re interested to know the works on display, can go to my website home page and, in the section of Projects, view Lands and People of Alentejo (

They are 11 photos, the room space could not accepted more, that has a remotely representation  of Alentejo, coast and interior.

In addition to the pictures of Alentejo, at the request of House of Alentejo, were exposed more 6 photos from other Portugal locations, to ‘kill misses’ to those who are not born in Alentejo 🙂

I hope you enjoy

Kisses and hugs.

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