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Hello friends,

Today I will address a topic that, for those who like to photograph, possibly ever made; share photos online.

Online photo sharing may have multiple motivations, show moments of our daily lives, promote our image, often through selfies (very fashionable today), share our photographic works in order to show them, etc.

It is mostly about this last motivation that today I write.

For those who love photography, one of the main objectives is to show their work, make known their view, at the bottom share your look.

Today, with the ease of online publication, it is much easier to achieve a wider audience to get to know our art. But this should not be the sole purpose when we share our pictures. For those who want to improve your technique, your look, online sharing may also allow constructive criticism by other photographers who also use this medium to share their work.

The possibility of exchange of ideas on the work of each is, without doubt, a source of growth of our creative look, especially at an early stage of the evolutionary process.

Facebook is one of the possible locations for this sharing and maybe what first comes to mind however, for a more productive exchange, suggest the inscription and sharing on sites specializing in photography.

In Portugal there are several sites where this is possible and I recommend a visit. Perhaps the best known is the Olhares (, but there are other equally interesting such as the Reflexos ( or the Podium ( In all I haved shared photos and had good experiences.

In international sites, one of the oldest and most well known is the Flickr ( Also very interesting and, for me, the best international site for sharing photos for  its quality is 1 x ( On this site the photos go through a set of curators, with very tight criteria of choice, before they are shared, which ensures a high quality in the final choice.

Finally a lot of these sites promote contests, theme contests can be motivating to photographic works, especially when we are in lack of inspiration.

The photo that illustrates this article was my first award-winning photo in one of these contests, it’s been almost 10 years (!!), and I’m telling you, at the time, gave me a lot of enjoyment.

When you have time, look these websites, if you have not yet done so, and let me know what you think.

Kisses and hugs.

PS: Click on picture to see full size

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