Holiday photography

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Hello friends,

Yes, the holidays are over, at least for most of you, and now we must look for the memories of times gone by.

About me, can anyone guess how many pictures I’ve done during my vacation? A guess? OK, I say, ZERO.

It may be hard to believe to be a period of these without making any photo, but it’s true. I will explain why and give you some ideas on how to approach this holiday period for us, photographers.

For those who love photography, I realized that this activity ‘transform’ us a little sociable beings, i.e. during the creative process we focus on what attracts us, we seek that special composition, we wait for the magic moment of light, and it turns out to be a ‘boring guy’ for those who join us.

As the holiday period is usual go accompanied by family, are already seeing who are the sacrificed with our ‘addiction’ so, these holidays, I have decided not to sacrifice anybody with my addiction.

But not everyone has time available, outside of the holidays, to do a lot of photography so, for that, I’m about to leave here some tips on how you can minimize the inconvenience to the family with your hobby.

First try to ‘negotiate’ a couple of days, or parts of the day, which will be dedicated to photography, with the promise that every other day there’s ‘no pictures day’.  Preferably interspersing periods for photography with periods for the family.

For those who like landscape knows that the best hours to photograph is the sunrise or the sunset, so enjoy it while the family is still sleeping to go ‘get’ that wonderful sunrise.

Challenge your family to help you discover those different compositions, the unexpected angle, the unusual character that we cross in the street. Basicly try to include them in the creative process.

If you like portrait, why don’t capture a family portrait in the vacation spot? Instead of making those ‘trivial’ photos, try doing some pictures a little more care, playing with existing light, framing, composition, etc. You will see the family will love and next time, you will be forgiven when you lose in time when you’re photographing 🙂

I hope these advices has been helpful and you avoid some ‘hot ears’ next time you go on vacation with the camera.

Kisses and hugs.

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