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Hello friends,

What inspires the photographer in his photographic work, especially the work of author? Obviously this question does not arise only to photographers, but all those who somehow claim to be creative in your profession or/and in his art.

Speaking for myself, the inspiration can come from multiple sources, since movies, articles written, viewing the works of masters, not only photographers, but also of other arts, the environment, be it in nature as in the urban environment. Anyway the sources can be many and sometimes don’t even have to be very sophisticated, just the way we view them.

However I recognize that the work of great photographers is a prime source of inspiration. Starting with the photographic genres that I’m most identify, naturally I seek photographic masters that are recognized in these photographic genres.

Inspiration doesn’t mean copy the same types of work, first try to understand the creative look of the master: it is sarcastic in approach? Has an aesthetic composition. Play with colors or black and white? What distinguishes him ? Identified the creative look that attracts us, we try to develop our gaze with the same concept and thus create our own look, without copying but just inspired.

In my case, I enjoy street photo and quotidian photo, one of the photographers who inspire me is Martin Parr who, for those who like, I suggest you see his work on the net, especially the beaches photos made during many years. wonderful.

Because I live near the beach, and at this time of summer, there’s no better inspiration than Martin Parr to try doing some photographic works on vacationers on our beaches, and the picture presented here is just one of these works.

I hope you enjoy.

Kisses and hugs.

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