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Hello friends,

With an apology by the lapse of time since my last post, today I will talk about the realization of commercial photography, event photography, exactly.

This type of photography can include a variety of events, from weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, articles for publication in the media, etc., and for each of these situations can and should be different approaches.

Today I’m going to describe my approach in a recent work I did that consisted on photographic coverage of a corporate event.

The first concern that we should have is the detailed survey of the type of event.

Is an event outdoor or indoor? Important to evaluate the type of light that we are going to have, kind of mobility, type of equipment to use, namely in terms of lenses/flash. Is a more formal event or informal?   This can determine the type of picture to do, more pose or more casual type or, as they say in English, ‘candid’ photo. What is the expected duration? Above all to avert the need for batteries and additional memory.

After the survey, it is necessary to set (it may even be mentally) which the ‘script’ that we will use. As a rule, in almost all kinds of events, coverage should be seen as telling the story of the event in pictures. And like all stories, it must have a beginning, middle and end, it means, we need pictures illustrating the early stages of the event, the most significant moments (represented especially by graphically strong photos-flag pictures) and finally pictures that summarize, or ‘close’, the event.

In all the stories, in addition to the main story, there are always additional stories that enrich the argument. It also can and should be done in the reportage. How?  Through pictures of details, pictures that express the participants emotions, photos of event support team (if any) and, very importantly, pictures of event sponsors because they are key stakeholders.

Don’t forget to always make two or three pictures of each subject/portrait to be able to chose the best photo to avoid eyes closed, or other less interesting details in the composition.

Then, in the editing phase, it is important to choose only the best and most representative photos of the event. Are not necessary too many photos to illustrate an event. Present two or more images of the same moment does not bring value to the story, and don’t forget that a good picture lost in a sea of average pictures, you lose the good photos ‘bright’.

Finally, in addition to the delivery of the pictures, it is always nice to present a slideshow with the photos more representative, in a small movie, that contains the story you imagined.

I hope this text has been useful and in the next family party you photograph, remember these tips.

Kisses and hugs.

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