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Hello friends,

Today I will talk about something that is always a challenge for the photographer, the pursuit of creative composition.

Photographic composition is always a subjective topic, since it is largely with the look, the sensitivity, the taste of the photographer.

There are a set of ‘rules’ for photographic composition that is always important to know, if only for the ‘break’ when this leads to creative compositions, and that requires us to leave of our comfort zone and go beyond the simple ‘photographic postal’, nice no doubt, but it’s more of a ‘ snapshot ‘ of the millions they make daily.

One of the reasons of the composition is challenging the possibility of trying to look for worldly objects and create challenging, creative images, beyond the obvious, and that feeds our ‘creative’ vein.

Often these images are graphic, abstract, plays with the elements such as color, shadows, lines, so that in the end the final result to be more than the sum of the components, and be an image to enjoy its design.

To illustrate what I describe in this text, I leave you here a photo that I made at a recent visit to the stud farm of Alter do Chão. I hope you enjoy.

Kisses and hugs.

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