The Tailor

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Hello friends,

Today I’m going to start a theme to which I will come back regularly on this blog, I call history of a photo.

 I find it interesting share some funny stories that happened in the realization of some photos from my portfolio, because they are always enriching for those who enjoy and do photography, especially street photography.

 The picture of today, who I called The Tailor, was recorded a few years ago on one of my visits to Alfama.

When I was walking by on Rua dos Remediso (Street of Remedies), I noticed this nice gentleman at the door of your ‘ old ‘ tailor shop, against the frames door, looking for who was passing by. Finding interesting your image, I approached and asked him if I could ‘ get the picture ‘.

He looked at me with a very serious air, paused, and asked me with a serious air: “why do you want my picture?”

Well, I’m done … I thought. Trying to be as gracious as possible, I told him that I was taking pictures of the neighborhood, and its interesting residents.

Listening to my answer, stood a few seconds even with its serious look and, sudden, changing his look to a much more playful mood, invited me to came in and told me: “If you’re going to shoot, then set up a right scenario !”.

And so it went, put the gear to iron on the counter, put the tape measure around his neck and, grasping the iron, posed for the photo!

After short photographic session, he show me old magazines clippings where his photo had been published also in the store, and told me that he already was a renowned photographic media character. What a show!!

Conclusion: always worth addressing, in a polite way, somebody on the street we find interesting to photograph because sometimes we have pretty sweet surprises!

Oh, one last reminder; not being the main reason of the photo, look what’s on the wall, over the left shoulder of the tailor. Okay, I can see a smile on your faces…

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