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My friends, today I will address, lightly, the way I do travel photography, recently did a trip to London and seemed like a good topic to share.

Of course any travel photography can and often must include the classics ‘photographic postcards’ that we all like to do of the most emblematic places of the sites visited.

However, for me, what stimulates me in travel photography is to create a photographic project, usually based on a theme that is characteristic or identifying the site, and explore angles, details, even common places, that included in the project, tells a history of the site.

The theme can be as varied as possible, people, customs, artifacts, small ‘things’ local features, etc, etc. The imagination is the limit.

Sometimes we can even start with an idea and, with the development of the photographic process, we end up with a diferent project and/or even with the construction of more than one project.

In summary, the main point I want to share is the notion of joining traditional pictures of postcard, a project that will help us to be creative, to look at the site differently, find diferent ‘postcards ‘ from those we are used to.

At the end, will see how much more enriched come, and creative were your travel pictures.

If you can and when you can, travel, and be creative!

Kisses and hugs.

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