Little Treasures

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Decided to get the regular publications on my blog with the theme street photography because it is a theme which is particularly grateful. Is a theme that does not end in a single, or even in a few posts, because it has many variants, all of them worthy of attention.

 Today I want to give you some idea of how I feel about do street photography.

I’m sure each photographer will have his feelings to do street photography, but I think some of them are common to most photographers, because we experience situations, moments, surprises that lead us, of course, the common feelings.

In my case, when I decide to go do street photography, it’s like from a hunt, a hunt of unexpected moments, in that some of them may have some ‘ danger ‘ but that, on the whole, creates an adrenaline own who is always looking for those ‘ little treasures ‘ that fills the soul.

And what little treasures are these?

Are moments, sometimes a few seconds, that to see them later in the photographic record, always gives us a sense of moment, you will be able to be a ludicrous situation, the gaze of a stranger that reflects what’s on soul, a contrast between old and new, joy and sorrow, arrival and departure; can be assigned, snubs, gatherings, solitudes, at the bottom are briefly crossing the everyday lives of all of us but that we often don’t even notice and, however, are so full of heart and life.

A little treasure is more than just a picture, it’s something I try to convey something to the observer in addition to its visual aspect. A few times we did, others didn’t.

Of course, not all photos of street can and can be precious, however is the persistence and the hit photographs in the street that giving us the watchful eye and refined to discover the ‘ treasure ‘ when it appears in front of us. And how many times it is so elusive and escape between the beating of two photos.

I see the street photography as the combination of the requirements of a good fisherman and a good archaeologist. A fisherman because it takes patience for ‘ fish ‘ that unique moment and how many times, if comes with ‘little’, without interest, on the net, forgiveness, on the memory card. The archaeologist because, sometimes, a little detail on the street, may be the embryo of a treasure that will make good and we must have the curiosity to find out, anticipate, and above all try not to interfere directly with him, unless register, not to detract from the moment.

 For those who want to try out this subject must be prepared not to give up easily, because there will be many times when we walk on the street and we seem to be ‘ blind ‘, we can’t see anything of interest. Then don’t despair because we know that, if today doesn’t appear, there will be many other days that opportunities will come. The little treasures are there, we just have to be patient to find and learn how to discover them.

I promise, in the future, return to this theme as there are several interesting things to share with you about this issue.

Until then, have fun!

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